My teachers: from left to right, The late Dr. John Ruberto, Peter Wayne, Phd, the late Shian Toma.

Dr. John Ruberto, 10th Dan.

Peter Wayne, PhD., Harvard Medical School.

Shian Toma, 10th Dan, Seidokan.

Training certifications and awards.

GVSU Occupational Therapy Graduate students experiencing Tai Chi at the Central Park campus in Spring Lake, Michigan.

image: Tai Chi instructor with students in park
image: students experiencing the therapeutic benefits of Tai Chi
image: Outdoor Tai Chi class in Central Park, Spring Lake, MI


Preparing for "Push Hands"

Performing "Push Hands"!

Cheng Man-ch'ing.

Cheng Man-ch'ing

A summary of Peter Wayne's 8 Active Ingredients of Tai Chi.