Ta​i Chi Therapy


Tai Chi Therapy

  This class is suitable for the curious, those not yet able to do Tai Chi, and/or those not interested in learning the full form.  Five 'patterns' in the Yang 24 Tai Chi form are presented along with Qigong . The classes take place once per week for six weeks. For more information, complete a contact form.  

Tai Chi Therapy

Tentative Apr-Jun 2023



18000 Cove St #202

Spring Lake, MI 49456

Learning helps

Look for a Tai Chi teacher, or Sifu, who demonstrates their expertise in a manner that leaves you feeling respected and good about the time you're investing.

Be a student who shows up knowing the only way to make Tai Chi yours is to practice between sessions, demonstrating proficiency and accepting correction. Coming early and/or staying late for clarifications is welcomed!  

Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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