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  This class is suitable for the curious, those not yet able to do Tai Chi, and/or those not interested in learning the full form but interested in Tai Chi benefits .  Five 'patterns' in the Yang 24 Tai Chi form are presented along with Qigong . The classes take place once per week for six weeks at a relaxed pace but is also available in private sessions with Will .  The training video on the Resource page is a good training supplement .

Tai Chi

  This class is suitable for students ready to learn the full Yang Style 24 Form and The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong set.  Classes only meet once per week so students are highly encouraged to train at home with the free supplemental  training video to demonstrate sufficient progress before advancing to the next " pattern . " The classes take place once per week over 12 weeks and is available in private sessions with Will . 

Tai Chi & Tai Chi Therapy

Private sessions only at this time. If interested in a free session, complete a contact form.

Thank you!

Tai Chi learning 'helps'

  When Tai Chi is performed well, it appears effortless and is beautiful to watch, but like most things worth pursuing, it takes time . Curiosity  & tenacity lead the first outsider to learn Tai Chi watching through a fence until he could present himself a worthy student . While this isn't required in my classes, this type of drive will help make Tai Chi yours !


  When it comes to learning Tai Chi, a Sifu, or teacher is responsible for demonstrating expertise in humility so you 'feel safe'  to learn as Tai Chi often requires this sort of freedom to grow in new ways. A good teacher should share what they know and encourage you to explore your Tai Chi interests further .

  A student is responsible for showing up with an attitude of taking charge of their learning, genuinely participating in class and departing knowing they will only keep what they regularly practice. 

To help overcome learning curves, students may come early or stay late to seek feedback generally receive the guidance they desire. Perhaps the best training assistance remains the free classroom supplemental training video , a  full length mirror and as much time as it takes to develop muscle memory .  

  Will's students say his patience & presence define his passion for teaching Tai Chi !  They say his ' word pictures ' & methods help make learning fun and less complex !  Will transparently shares events from his life with those seeking Tai Chi as a healthy way to age and it is this interest that imitated The Dao .


From all of us at Tai Chi Therapy, we hope you'll come and experience a class . . . the first one is always free ! 

Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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