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  Wills' Tai Chi training began on Okinawa in 1985 but wouldn’t resume until 2008 when he met John Ruberto, a Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong master and Naprapathic Dr.  John introduced Will to ' the healing elements ' of Tai Chi and six years later John inducted Will into The United States Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame for the " Special Contributions to the Martial Arts " and encouraged Will to pursue teaching .  

 Will invested in training with Peter Wayne by attending four three day workshops on "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi" at Peters' Boston  studio . This training firmly establish the value of Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and helped inspire Will to bring Tai Chi to his community .


  Though there are now many ways to ' become certified in teach Tai Chi ' ,  there is no recognized credentialing panel suggesting the student do their due dilligence . To help establish credibility, Will  obtained National Certification as a Personal Trainer with NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine .) and is currently pursuing certification as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist . Wills' combined experience and passion for patiently teaching & encouraging help people get started with Tai Chi .


  Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of participating in Tai Chi Therapy is becoming aware of the relaxed mood on the faces of fellow ' players ' . . . for that is what we are called, and what we do .  When likeminded people connect around this peaceful art, there's a undeniable ' power available ' best received when the Spirit, Mind & Body are there to participate ! Some describe being present in class as freedom from stress and others like moving effortlessly , floating on the gentle current the group creates ! 

  If any of this sounds intriguing to you, perhaps you’re one of us too . . . why not come see . . . the first class is always free !



Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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