In June 2008, Bill Chesnic met Dr. John Ruberto at a Veterans' Affairs meeting for PTSD. John had the skills of a Naprapathic doctor and mastery of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Bill had experience with recovery principles and a passion to resume the Tai Chi he started in 1985.  Both agreed to work for 'the healing elements' of Tai Chi for PTSD. Bill transitioned from 'the warriors path' he found in Seidokan, Okinawan Karate, to the healing path Tai Chi offers, and by July 2013, John formally recognized Bill had 'special gifts' to share with others and inducted him into the American Martial Arts Hall of Fame under the category of "Special Contributions to the Martial Arts" as Bill

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  After reading Dr. Peter Wayne's book "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi; Twelve Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart and Sharp Mind," Bill participated in a two-year training of this book based upon four three day workshops by Peter at his Tree of Life Tai Chi Studio in Boston. Making the resources commitments to take his Tai Training 'to the next level' helped shape Bills' goal of advocating for Tai Chi as a health and wellness practice in his community and the establishment of Tai Chi Therapy, LLC.

  Because there is no recognized certification for Tai Chi, Bill chose to pursue a nationally recognized certification as a Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This additional training provides the assurance inquiring minds deserve but more importantly, better enables Bill to teach his students how and why Tai Chi is a safe and effective conditioning program. 

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