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Tai Chi Therapy is  

a combination of just five of 24 Tai Chi patterns and Qigong guided by the The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for Personal Trainers.

Tai Chi is increasingly being prescribed by Health Care Providers for better body management. Reducing 24 to five patterns allows students to more rapidly experience Tai Chi benefits and decide if they'd like to remain in the therapy class or advance to Tai Chi.  

Qigong and Tai Chi both utilize diaphragm breathing but in Qigong 'guided meditation' is combined with this breathing to stimulate the Vagus nerve releasing natural stress relieving hormones. It's more about unifying the energy of our trillions of cells elevating our sense of well being. 

NASM Personal Trainers use dynamic posture patterns to identify misalignments. Correctly performed Tai Chi patterns not only identify problematic movement areas, they they usually provide gentle relief, and in many cases, complete correction of misalignments.

Will was inducted by his teacher into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Special Contribution to the Martial Arts. His students say his patience & presence define his passion for sharing these Traditional Chinese Medicines. They say his word pictures & methods help make learning fun and less complex! 

What our customers are saying

Tai Chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic.

It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process.

~ Chungliang Al Huang

Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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