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Tai Chi Therapy is based upon Eastern & Western health practices:

From the East are Tai Chi and Qigong,

For those new to these terms, Bill offers the analogy of a bike ride where Qigong is likened to 'pre-ride maintenance', like airing-up the tires, and Tai Chi to riding skills.  In either case, the better the appreciation of the unique and overlapping contributions each makes increases the likelihood of achieving ' desired outcomes. '  

- Sifu Bill -


  There are many types of Qigong breathing exercises which are believed by some to increase energy and strengthen various body systems. At their core, they are diaphragm breathing exercises which do have proven health benefits. Tai Chi without proper Qigong reduces the likelihood of achieving any real health outcomes significantly. Once the Tai Chi form has been learned, Qigong is the next level of training is similar to this presentation of "The Eight Pieces of Brocade." 

Tai Chi

 Correctly taught and practiced, gentle Tai Chi movements offer diverse preventative and corrective 'therapies.' A well qualified sifu, or teacher, helps students discover what dynamic balance 'feels like' as the limbs and 'the form' guides the body through natural planes of motion. Correct Tai Chi "postures" gradually lengthen and strengthen soft tissues resulting in a stronger core and leg muscle strength and endurance.  These balance enhancements directly reduce the chances of falling and associated debilitating injuries. This is significant as few exercises can safely deliver 'life skills' like enhanced mobility increasing the likelihood of healthy and independent living. 

  These are just some of the increasing number of health aspects associated with Tai Chi, for more information, see Resources for more information on the many other health benefits Tai Chi offers. Bill introduces students to Tai Chi with The Yang Tai Chi 24 Form for its ease of learning.

From the West are protocols from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM.

   NASM is one of the 'toughest' Personal Training certifications to obtain in the industry! It helps establish professional credibility and has helped Bill better understand explain why Tai Chi is such a healthy adjunct to nearly any activity. 

  The NASM protocol begins with your safety in mind by ensuring common health risks are resolved as a first step in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Once 'cleared,' the first goal established in the NASM Optimum Performance Model is balance.  

  NASM places such importance on balance as 'the weakest link' in any fitness training program that protocols prescribe a continual and creative revisiting...something found whenever someone "plays" Tai Chi. 

The essence of Tai Chi Therapy is the unique compliment of Eastern and Western practices that enhance muscle excitability and tensibility for increased confidence in functional movement. For more information on NASM and Personal Coaching, see Services

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Tai Chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic.

It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process.

~ Chungliang Al Huang

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